About Biologist Imogene

Imogene Cancellare is a conservation biologist and National Geographic Explorer who conducts research on rare and elusive wildlife. Her background is in landscape and conservation genetics, population ecology, and wildlife management, primarily with carnivores and amphibians.  Imogene is currently a PhD student at the University of Delaware, where she is working with Panthera to research the phylogeography and genetic structure of snow leopards across High Asia. 

As a science communicator and presenter, Imogene engages with the public by sharing information on natural history, conservation, and her field adventures. She also generates educational content to mentor young people and get people excited about biodiversity, science, and getting outside. To learn more check out the Media and blog page.

For FAQ, collaborations, speaking engagements, or to learn how you can become a wildlife biologist, please see the contact page.

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