Imogene talked everything BIG CATS and wild cat conservation during her 90 minute session with Skype A Scientist.

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants asked Imogene to come back to their  virtual classrooms once again, this time to talk about the importance of carnivores! Having science experts visit your classroom is easy- learn how to sign up here. To have Imogene speak to your classroom, visit the contact page. 


Imogene recently did an online hangout with 125 students in the US and Canada to talk about being a wildlife biologist. Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants brings science, exploration, conservation, and adventure to classrooms across North American with expert guest speakers. Learn more


 Can squirrels get rabies? Should you be feeding wildlife? Imogene talks  "squirrelgate" with The Weather Channel. 




Imogene talked with SciComm Monday about her dissertation work, promoting diversity in science, and having fun in the field. SciComm Monday features scientists every week to discuss their research, social issues, and share fun stories. Hosted by Nicole Wood.