I have been MIA due to being extremely busy and now pretty sick. Here are a few quick updates:

Most important, we just rescued a bobcat! This little guy is our first bobcat and he was brought in from Beech Mountain, NC. He is currently in quarantine and will be for the next thirty days to monitor his health and ensure he does not introduce any virus or illness to our other cats. Formerly known as Bubba, the new guy was a pet for ten years and was declawed on all four feet. He is, however, pretty feisty and luckily has zero desire to be touched. He has been living in a very small confinement for the last few months and the area provided in our quarantine is more than four times the size of his old living arrangements. He will most likely be placed in one of our old leopard enclosures with lots of rocks, platforms, and trellis-like framework to jump and climb on. He is a smaller bobcat and I was lucky enough to help place him into quarantine last week. He immediately came out of the kennel and was fairly confident in slinking around. He quickly became enraptured by a plastic tube and walked in and out of it, rubbed on it, and moved it about. He also turned himself inside out on what we guessed was a spot of residue bleach on the floor (Cats strangely like bleach. However, do not allow your cats to drink, play, or inhale it. For obvious reasons.). The faint scent caused him to roll around and rub his face in his paws.

He does not yet have a new name. My suggestions have been Native American names since bobcats are prevalent in Native American mythology. Anything is better than Bubba!

I am also looking into traveling to South Africa this summer to work on a project with reintroducing white lions back into the wild. Check out this link; I'm hoping it will be a success!


I am also working on building some platforms for Maura and Guinna servals. Their enclosure needs updating and I am hoping to construct tiered platforms that are interesting, movable, and useful for the pair. If anyone is interested in helping or has any ideas, let me know. I will definitely need a few people to help on installation, as it will be done in the enclosure.